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Hanquick Logistc Co., is a compositive company, including domesic truck transportation, customs broker, air and sea agency, warehouse etc. Our main business covers auto parts manufacture and we devote to build technical logistic chain for them.

Chongqing Hanquick Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2004, with the registration capital of RMB940 million, which is a national Tier-One Shipping Agency and has Tier-One certificate of China Civil Air Transport Sales Agency Services. Chongqing Hanquick was list on Chongqing Share Transfer Center on Oct. 16, 2011 with the stock code 800019, named as Hanquick Logisitics. Providing world-class service for customer as our principle, we have become a member of Chongqing International Freight Forwarders Association after years of development, awarded as honesty and credit company by government for several times, and also passed the certificate of ISO9001.

Chongqing Hanquick covers the business of domestic transportation, city distribution, local Customs Bonded Car transportation, international import & export agency and warehouse service. As a 3rd party logistics supplier, Chongqing Hanquick supply the service of transportation, warehouse, distribution, booking, shipping and ground support for automotive part suppliers, import & export trading companies and global logistics companies.

With the business development since the beginning, we are concentrating on rapidity, excellence and safety as standard to meet customers’ timing and safety requirement, achieving high evaluation and sufficient trust. 

Chongqing Hanquick Logistics Co., Ltd. has a talented team with remarkable credit. We are striving for customer priority and will devote for large-scale and professional in future development.

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