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Freight Forwarders, In business since 2011, Country head office

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Abbeycargos Logistics          About "Abbeycargos Logistics":

We ready to be one of your freight forwarding / shipping agent, We have a wide range of cargo handling services tailored withinnovative logistics for effective partnership in delivery of consignments. Our staff is exceptionally highly trained in cargo handlingtechniques.They have vast experience with greater proficiency with rules and regulations in each region. We have a wide range ofcargo handling services tailored with innovative logistics for effective partnership in delivery of consignments. 

Clearing and Freight Forwarding:
We clear both Air and Sea shipment from any port within Nigeria. We also forward cargoes and shipment from ports within Nigeria to anywhere in the world considering the lead time and affordability.
Haulage and Transportation Management:
ABBEY CARGOS logistics provides transportation solutions to meet the demanding needs in global shipping/over the road trucking, ocean freight and air cargo. Our specialty is heavy haul transport within Nigeria coast.
As a freight shipping company, we establish partnerships with our clients, listening and observing so we understand your cargo transport needs before we recommend a logistic solution, whether it be air cargo, freight-trucking/ocean transport or a special heavy haul project combining general model of transport.
Cargos Shipping and Consolidation:
We deliver and distribute cargoes and small parcel within Nigeria - Value added-warehousing.
The Benefits of this Service include:
Cost Reduction: Elimination of intermediate shipping between you and your supplier.
Faster lead time: No intermediate shipping improved your supplier time.
Protection of client’s details: Abbey Cargoes Logistics will ensure that your details remain confidential.
Control of cost:
The ability to give customers a fixed price ensuring overall costing remains accurate.

Workers in Abbeycargos Logistics Number of employees: 6 to 10 Warehose Abbeycargos Logistics Warehouse: Info only under request []
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