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Address Cargotech ltd: 32A Farquhar Street, Port Louis, Mauritius .

Freight Forwarders, In business since 2002, Country head office

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Cargotech ltd          About "Cargotech ltd": Cargotech is the biggest freight forwarder in Mauritius. in 2012 we were No 1 on Air france , Air Mauritius, British Airways, Emirates which provide 90% of the airfreight capacity out of Mauritius. We are a quality assured company and have an incredible response time of 2 hours for an email. Because of our big volumes ( 5200 Tons airfreight), we are able to negotiate special prices with the airlines which we can make you benefit. We have a great service and best price.
On the seafreight side, we handle over 3500 teus per year and you can be assured that our service & price will make you have a positive advantage.
Workers in Cargotech ltd Number of employees: 51 to 100 Warehose Cargotech ltd Warehouse: Bonded 1000 [m2]
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Africa Asia Australasia Caribbean Central America Europe Indian Subcontinent Middle East North America South America
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