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Japan Luggage Express Ltd.

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Moving Company, In business since 1995, World head office

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Japan Luggage Express Ltd.          About "Japan Luggage Express Ltd.":

Japan Luggage Express is a freight forwarding and international moving company serving companies and individuals shipping from Japan to the rest of the world. We transport by sea and air. Pickup service is available from anywhere in Japan. We endeavor to offer most competitive charges available in the market. Having said so, by reading the reviews on our website, you will notice that what our clients appreciate most is personalized customer service where we answer their questions promptly and thoroughly by providing useful information.

We specialize in international transportation:
*Air cargo (Air freight), *Sea freight (Ocean Cargo), *Customs brokerage, *Multimodal transportation (sea & air), *Import/Export handling, *Export packing, *Pickup anywhere in Japan
Whether you are an importer/exporter seeking better services and rates, or a company starting import/export for the first time, our experienced staff will gladly help you. We have English and Japanese services.
It is our mission at Japan Luggage Express to help your organization grow internationally.
We look forward to demonstrating our superb level of service.
Rates for general cargo (commercial cargo/marchandise) are different from those for personal effects.
For more information in English, please contact Mr. Yasu Shimizu.  Japan Luggage Express Ltd. provides truly valuable services to our clients.

Rates are destination/commodity dependent. Contact us for a quote. Please also visit our website for customers reviews and general information of the company as well as practical tips for international moving.

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