Intercontinental Cargo Canada

Intercontinental Cargo Canada

Address Intercontinental Cargo Canada: 6751 Professional Court # 203, Mississauga (Toronto area), Ontario L4V 1Y3, Canada .

Freight Forwarders, In business since 1983, Branch office

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INTERCONTINENTAL is fully Canadian owned. We have agents and offices around the world. Please call us whenever you have a transportation need. Our staff is mostly trilingual. Together, we speak 10 languages, therefore, being able to better do international shipping documents. An asset in international transport ! We can also insure your cargo against loss, damage and all kinds of risk that could occur during ocean or air transport.

We are not the largest transportation company on the market but as you might know, size is not necessarily an asset when you want personalized and friendly service.

Be assured that no parcel is too small. In fact, we specialize in consolidations (small shipments) to many cities, notably in Europe and Africa. We have been in business since 1983.

Airfreight & Seafreight - Imports Exports
Customs clearance / Warehousing / Long and short term storage / Packing and crating
Local delivery / Trucking to any city in North America
Unloading trucks and containers at our warehouse
Our very own sufferance (customs) warehouse
Specialized services such as distribution, marking of cargo etc.
Specialized containers such as Reefer units, open tops, flatracks etc.
Bulk containers or liquid cargo
Consulting for dangerous (IMCO) or restricted cargo

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