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G & C Logistics          About "G & C Logistics":

Freight forwarding company and customs broker

International Transportation:
Air Freight, Air Cargo
G&C extends daily service to and from major trading centers, partnering with direct airlines with allocated lift and space.

Ocean freight, Ocean Cargo
G&C has weekly full and less than container load service linking North America markets with overseas suppliers. G & C obtains preferential pricing and space availability utilizing volume contracts with major global shipping carriers

Trans Border Cargo:
Partnering with quality carriers utilizing the latest generation of tracking technologies, G & C offers seamless door-to-door service encompassing 24/7 Customs Clearance

Cargo Insurance:
A separately issued cargo policy is recommended to ensure complete coverage in the unlikely event of loss or damage. Carriers limit their liability and is governed by regulation even when fault has been established. Buyer’s or supplier’s insurance can often prove insufficient.  It is risk to depend on either one’s insurance.  Their coverage can protect from certain risks, but not all.  Purchasing a policy will give you the possibility to choose between price options.

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