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Airlines GSA (General Sales Agent)

General Definition:
An airline GSA is a third party - that provides marketing and sales services to an airline under the airline's brand, usually
in countries where the airline does not have service to (or has very limited service to).

The GSA brings a local infrastructure, market knowledge and sales processes and is able to provide sales and marketing
assistance to an airline without the airline having to incur the expense to build up their own staff in the country.

The GSA receives a commission of around 3–5% on all tickets and unit of cargo space sold in the region that it

Consider a GSA outsourced sales & marketing assistance.

All costs related to running the GSA's business are the responsibility of the GSA including but not limited to insurance,
rent, general office expenses and any travel within the country or region needed to promote /sell the product.

Definition of Services that a GSA could offer:
A GSA has identified five key areas of support from which the Airline will derive significant benefits.

1. Sales and Marketing
The GSA's management team should initiate the following strategy:
Market Research, Agent Sales, Off-line Sales, Interline Sales, Consignee Sales, Telephone Sales, Advertisings
Periodical Visits - Close Contacts, Trade Receptions, Promotions
New Product Research

2. Freight Reception and Handling
Cargo Reception Facilities could be provided at the Airport.

3. Airport Warehouse and Ramp Supervision
Liaison with the Airline, cargo handling agents, ground handling companies and customs.
Adherence to the Airline's and Governmental security instructions.
Adherence to Priority List
Arranging weight and measurement checks.
ULD Loading and ensuring maximum utilization.
Aircraft Loading.
Dispatching pre-alerts to all receiving stations.

4. Administrative Services
Liaison with the Airline, Airport handling agents and forwarders.
Cargo Reservations.
Priority Reservations.
Technical Enquiries.
Security Advise.
Post Flight Information.
Cargo Tracing - Claims.
Airway bill distribution - Stock Control.

5. Financial Services
The GSA will issue an irrevocable bank guarantee in favor of the Airline for all revenues collected on Airline's behalf.
The GSA currently uses the "cargo" accountings system to produce all revenue accounting and management information.
It also provides reservations, booking advices and sales analyses.
The GSA will undertake all invoicing and collection of monies from cargo customers within the territory.
The payment will be supported by a detailed remittance advice.

6. Brief Sales & Marketing Strategy
Media Advertising
Select Advertising in local trade media. This is to be reconciled between the GSA and the Airline.
Targeted Mail shots (Direct Mail)
A new tariff together with information regarding service details and products.

Concentrated Sales Drive
The GSA would suggest that suitable promotional items are made available to coincide with the sales drive which will be
undertaken by the members of staff. This procedure will be repeated at appropriate intervals in addition to the normal
sales activities described in previous sections.

Thought the GSA's established network of offices, new business will be developed in association with selected interline
partners and in particular with those represented by the GSA. A further benefit that will be realized by such arrangements
will be the reciprocal advantageous interline rates offered to the Airline.

According to IATA, GSA contract is on a commission basis revenue that will be accorded between the GSA and the Airline,
excluding Ramp Supervision and Terminal Handling. The amount of commission required can be different if certain items
are provided at the Airline's expenses, like advertising, trade reception, other marketing strategies, etc.


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